A Look at Grease Traps

A grease trap is an item that is oftentimes used inside of restaurants in order to remove solid material, in addition to oil, fat, and grease out of wastewater before it is sent into the municipal water system. The trap is located right after the drain, and water enters through the use of a flow regulator that prevents water from flooding inside of the trap, mixing the fat, grease, and oil. You may need grease trap pumping Austin TX at any time, however, because these traps do become clogged and face a variety of other issues during their lifetime.

So many problems can cause trouble with your grease trap. While it is easy to turn the other way and ignore the problem, that is the wrong way to handle it. Instead, hiring a professional to repair the problem is ideal. Some of the problems that cause trouble with grease traps include:

  • Crossover Clog: When oil, grease, fat, and other debris build in the lines between the two compartments, clogging and trouble occurs.
  • Incoming Line Clog: Another problem that you might experience is when there is a clog found within the incoming line. this problem causes backup very quickly, so it isn’t a problem that is hard to detect nor one that should be avoided for very long.
  • Outgoing Line Clog: Just as a clog can occur within the incoming line, so can one occur in the outgoing line as well. When this happens, it causes overflow in each of the compartments.
  • Grease Trap: When the grease trap has not ben removed properly, it becomes full and needs to be cleaned or it will cause spillover into the secondary compartment, resulting in clogging and problems in other lines.